APRIL 2021

The Presidio Historical Association Annual Meeting: “Military Artists In California During The Mexican War”

April 13, 2021 – NOON

Rescheduled from our planned 2020 meeting, we are thrilled Professors Rose Marie Beebe and Robert M Senkewicz of Santa Clara University will be giving this presentation looking at the personal experiences and artistic renderings of three military figures who produced important visual evidence of California during the 1840s. They were William Rich Hutton, William Myers, and Alfred Sully. All three produced vivid images of life in California during the 1840s. While some of their works have been widely reproduced, others have been relatively undiscovered. The complete body of their works offers a unique glimpse of the way in which the American newcomers saw the land and the people of this region. Their personal experiences and artistic work foreshadowed the contradictory tensions that resulted from the encounter between Americans and Californios as a result of the U.S. conquest.

This year PHA has decided to make our annual meeting free to registrants. We do hope that you will consider making a contribution to support PHA’s efforts to continue providing educational programs like these and as well as our preservation efforts. You can make a contribution during event registration, on our website, or by mail.

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