About Us

The Presidio Historical Association (PHA) is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to preserving the integrity of the Presidio of San Francisco, a National Historic Landmark District, the highest Federal designation reserved for “resources of great national significance.” The park is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA).

Our mission is to promote the understanding and preservation of the history of the Presidio of San Francisco as reflected in its structures, sites, stories, and people.

Since 1959, PHA has been at the forefront of efforts to preserve and protect the historic resources of the Presidio of San Francisco. Founded as the Fort Point Museum Association with the goal of renovating that historic fort and presenting its history to the public, the Association changed its mission when Fort Point became part of the National Park Service in 1971. We then took charge of creating an Army Museum in historic Building 2, the oldest wood-frame building on the Presidio, which at that time was an active US Army base. PHA’s mission again changed when the Army left the Presidio in 1995 and closed the Army Museum. Since 1995, the Association has advocated for the preservation of the Presidio’s historic resources and for education about its history, especially for the creation of a museum that will present the full history of the Presidio and its role in both the history of the western United States and the extension of American power into the Pacific.